I Really Want To Bomb You: 1972 - 1984

Vinyl 2LP (Translucent orange coloured vinyl)

The first ever collection of Jill Kroesen’s wildly inventive & often dystopian compositions from ‘72 through ‘84. Includes her art rock master-piece Stop Vicious Cycles, her coveted ‘80 single, and an equal amount of unissued treasures!

Her voice is large, unique, and charismatic. Her presence is charming and flirty. One can’t help but be drawn in. When she sings about fascism and dictators and bad boyfriends, the audience almost blushes. The songs are authentic, and there is always a shock of recognition.


1. Wayne Hayes Blues
2. I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here
3. Ride Your Pony
4. Honey, You're So Mean
5. I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie
6. I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here (Reprise)
7. Alexander the Great
8. Fay Shism Blues
9. I'm Just Being a Human Being
10. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
11. I Really Want to Bomb You
12. Freak of Nature
13. The Celebration of S&M
14. Sweet Sanity
15. Fuck Off
16. St. Bridges
17. Broken Wing
18. Invited to Heaven