The Broadsword and the Beast (Reissue) (CD)


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The Broadsword and the Beast is the 14th studio album by Jethro Tull, released in April 1982 and according to Ian Anderson in the liner notes of the remastered CD, contains some of Jethro Tull's best music. This album's masterful storytelling, accompanied by Ian Anderson's unmistakable flute melodies, garnered critical acclaim and has become a fan favourite over the years.

The album mixes electronic sound, provided by Peter-John Vettese (a characteristic that would be explored further on the next album Under Wraps) with acoustic instruments. The Broadsword and the Beast is a cross between the synthesiser sound of the 1980s and the folk-influenced style that Tull had in the previous decade.

This CD features 17 tracks which includes Steven Wilson remixes of original album, associated recordings and a 28-page booklet.


1. Beastie
2. Clasp
3. Fallen On Hard Times
4. Flying Colours
5. Slow Marching Band
6. Broadsword
7. Pussy Willow
8. Watching Me, Watching You
9. Seal Driver 
10. Cheerio
11. Fallen On Hard Times (1st Master, Dec '81 Sessions)
12. Beastie (2nd Master, Dec '81 Sessions) '
13. Fallen On Hard Times (2nd Master, Dec '81 Session) 
14. Seal Driver (1st Master, Dec '81 Sessions)
15. Cheerio (Ensemble Vocal Version) 
16. Jack-A-Lynn
17. Beastie Shouts!

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