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Psychocandy - Flying Out




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Sometimes people tell you that a 20-year-old album sounded like nothing else, but when you listen with todays ears, it seems rather quaint and unsurprising. Psychocandy is not one of those albums. Its noise isn't the thick, tactile noise of the new millennium: It's thin, trebly, and drowned in indistinct reverb, such that this record still sounds like it's being played in the apartment across the street at staggering volume while someone intermittently runs glass through a table saw. The music stumbles its way from stoned, lazy beauty (Just Like Honey) to speed-freak noise (Never Understand) to almost-bouncy pop (Taste of Cindy). Jim Reid chants his melodies in the selfish, mostly monosyllabic vocabulary of rock n roll (I'm in love with myself,I don't want you to need me, oh yeah,). And just about every song comes out ideal: You'd think they'd sound like jerks, or toughs, and yet it all comes off so vulnerable, so pretty. Pitchfork 9.6

Arguably Psychocandy is an album with one trick and one trick alone -- Beach Boys melodies meet Velvet Underground feedback and beats, all cranked up to ten and beyond, along with plenty of echo. However, what a trick it is. Following up on the promise of the earliest singles, the Jesus and Mary Chain with Psychocandy arguably created a movement without meaning to, one that itself caused echoes in everything from bliss-out shoegaze to snotty Britpop and back again.

The best tracks were without question those singles, anti-pop yet pure pop at the same time: "Just Like Honey," starting off like the Ronettes heard in a canyon and weirdly beautiful with its bells, "You Trip Me Up" and its slinking sense of cool, and most especially "Never Understand." Storming down like a rumble of bricks wrapped in cotton candy and getting more and more frenetic at the end, when there's nothing but howls and screaming noise, it's one hell of a trackAll Music Guide

Artist: Jesus and Mary Chain
Title: Psychocandy
Label: Rhino/Reprise
Cat #: R178059
Year: 1985
Format:‚180 gram LP


Just Like Honey
The Living End
Taste The Floor
The Hardest Walk
Cut Dead
In A Hole
Taste Of Cindy

Never Understand
Inside Me
Sowing Seeds
My Little Underground
You Trip Me Up
Something's Wrong
It's So Hard

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