Love Is The King / Live Is The King


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Love Is The King / Live Is The King features the original album plus a second disc with live versions of all eleven songs played by Jeff with a full band. The live versions were recorded at The Loft (Wilco’s studio) and Chicago’s Constellation club in January 2021. The band features Jeff, sons Sammy and Spencer Tweedy, Liam Kazar, James Elkington and Sima Cunningham. The live set closes with a cover version of Neil Young’s classic “The Old Country Waltz”.

Love Is The King / Live Is The King was produced by Jeff and Tom Schick at Wilco’s Chicago studio, The Loft.


  1. Love Is The King
  2. Opaline
  3. A Robin or A Wren
  4. Gwendolyn
  5. Bad Day Lately
  6. Even I Can See
  7. Natural Disaster
  8. Save it For Me
  9. Guess Again
  10. Troubled
  11. Half-Asleep
  12. Love Is The King (live) 
  13. Opaline (live)
  14. A Robin Or A Wren (live) 
  15. Gwendolyn (live)
  16. Bad Day Lately (live)
  17. Even I Can See (live)
  18. Natural Disaster (live) 
  19. Save It For Me (live)
  20. Guess Again (live)
  21. Troubled (live)
  22. Half-Asleep (live)
  23. The Old Country Waltz - (Neil Young cover- live)