To Love Is To Live

Vinyl LP


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Best known as the charismatic lead singer and co-writer of UK band Savages, who received Mercury Prize nominations for both of their now-classic two albums Silence Yourself (2013) and Adore Life (2016), Jehnny Beth's voice, lyrical perspective, and incredible live performances have captivated audiences since the early Aughts. But it's in To Love Is To Live that Jehnny Beth truly steps into - and claims - the spotlight.

The album is a sonic tour de force, a dark cinematic meditation on the strange business of being alive. Throughout the record, she explores the deepest reaches of her creative consciousness... wrapped in a whirlwind of sounds. Indeed, in accessing those darkest and least comfortable parts of herself, Jehnny Beth has created a piece of work that is stunningly cathartic, fiercely abrasive, delicately exposed, and rich for discourse.

Track List:
1 I Am
2 Innocence
3 Flower
4 We Will Sin Together
5 A Place Above (Feat. Cillian Murphy)
6 I'm the Man
7 The Rooms
8 Heroine
9 How Could You (Feat. Joe Talbot)
10 French Countryside
11 Human