Surrealistic Pillow (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
Now here's an album that just, put simply, has to be in your record collection. Surrealistic Pillow was the second album from Jefferson Airplane, and landed in 1967, smack bang in the middle of the Summer of Love, providing something of a soundtrack to the era with tunes like Somebody To Love, and the psychedelic anthem White Rabbit. Just try and deny the power of Grace Slick's powerhouse vocal on this red hot psych classic! - Flying Out


Surrealistic Pillow is the band's sophomore album, released in 1967, and saw drummer Spencer Dryden and singer Grace Slick join the band. It was a major hit, reaching #3 on the Billboard charts and was certified Platinum.The album is a key work of early psychedelic rock and one of the finest album of the 1960s.



1. She Has Funny Cars
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Best Friend
4. Today
5. Comin' Back To Me
6. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds
7. D.C.B.A.-25
8. How Do You Feel
9. Embryonic Journey
10. White Rabbit
11. Plastic Fantastic Lover