The Stix (20th Anniversary Edition)

Vinyl 2LP (Orange & Red)


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Celebrating two decades of existence, this effervescent classic from Norwegian octet Jaga Jazzist still sounds just as fresh and fascinating all these years on. Packed to the rafters with "post-rock, jazz, psychedelia and IDM/dance influences", The Stix is all set to get the reissue treatment on the legendary Ninja Tune label, pressed to orange and red translucent vinyl next month to coincide with its anniversary. Prepare to have your synapses firing like never before! - Flying Out

To celebrate twenty years since Norwegian jazz/experimental collective Jaga Jazzist released their third album 'The Stix', we have this special anniversary edition. Originally out on Ninja Tune, it saw the brothers Horntveth and pals offer carefully constructed compositions showcasing influences ranging from Squarepusher-style electronics to Duke Ellington's big band jazz. 


  1. Kitty Wu
  2. Day
  3. Another Day
  4. Suomi Finland
  5. Aerial Bright Dark Round
  6. Toxic Dart
  7. I Could Have Killed Him in the Sauna
  8. Doppelganger
  9. Reminders
  10. The Stix