Significant Changes (Remixes)

12" Vinyl

Jayda G releases an EP of remixes from Honey Dijon, Dâm-Funk and DJ Fett Burger. It starts with a thumping remix from Honey Dijon, who takes on Jayda’s light-hearted ode to the dancefloor - Stanley's Get Down (No Parking on the DF) - with Jayda’s tongue-in-cheek scorn “Hey you! I see you, with your phone, looking at Instagram” admonishing those people who stand motionless in the front row at her gigs: “This is the dancefloor baby, this is where you’re supposed to get down”. Talking about the remix, Dijon says "It was so much fun remixing an artist who has a clear understanding and respect for the foundation of dance music heritage and culture.”

The EP is completed by Dâm-Funk’s Re-Freak of Move To The Front and a remix from DJ Fett Burger of Missy Knows What's Up.