Turn Into

Limited 180 Gram Fuschia Vinyl LP

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Jay Som represents the musical vision of San Francisco singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte. Constantly shifting, that vision embraces indie, alternative, pop, and even a little shoegaze assembled by it's architect's hand like an infinite puzzle with no border. This unpredictable sonic sensibility is threaded together by melody but never bound to it. Turn Into offers a snapshot of her musical evolution up to this point. Signing to Polyvinyl Records, Turn Into gets a proper release in 2016. It's first single Ghost simultaneously haunts and hypnotizes as her voice hums a shimmering harmony punctuated by fits of fuzzed-out six-string emotion, acoustic unease, and poignant personal lyricism. Elsewhere, Why I Say No rides the crest of a surf guitar swell, while a whimsical and wild guitar lead jostles Next To Me. The distorted trudge of Drown beckons, while the title track offers a sun-soaked send-off.


Side A
1. Peach Boy
2. Ghost
3. Next To Me
4. Drown
5. Our Red Door

Side B
1. Unlimited Touch
2. Why I Say No
3. Slow
4. Turn Into

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