Psychopomp (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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"at once cosmically huge and acutely personal, Zauner captures grief for the perversely intimate yet overwhelming pain it is. Long may she keep at this music thing." -Pitchfork

"a stunning debut" -Rolling Stone

"overwhelmingly colorful and joyous; while her words betray grief and frustration, she turns the pain into power." -NPR

"Psychopomp is exemplary, finding joy in sadness and despair in the brightest of lights...It’s an immaculately crafted debut, and you should listen" -Stereogum


  1. In Heaven
  2. The Woman That Loves You
  3. Rugged Country
  4. Everybody Wants to Love You
  5. Psychopomp
  6. Jane Cum
  7. Heft
  8. Moon on the Bath
  9. Triple 7

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