Angel In Disguise


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London based experimental producer and composer, Leifur James returns with the second album Angel in Disguise, via Night Time Stories (sister label to the coveted ‘LateNightTales’).

Angel In Disguise, showcases a more experimental side to his production. Traversing through musicality, progressive synths and introspection, this first single unveils the producer’s distinct sound with disorientated vocals; speaking of the interplay between reason and emotion, the lyrics repeat “Wise old man in my brain, soul bursting through my veins”, opening the gates to this captivating electronically steered opus.

Angel In Disguise promises to explore the themes of love and loss through a masterful blend of harmonic vocals from James himself, nuanced electronic soundscapes and vibrant percussion - punctuated by bespoke visuals, directed by Balázs Simon. This exciting project is expected to make waves and see James step up, exhibiting his discerning ear and painstakingly honed production craft on a seminal label.

Track List:

    1. Circles
    2. Black Lens
    3. I ran with you
    4. Wise old man
    5. Angel In Disguise
    6. Ritual
    7. Alien (feat. Coby Sey)
    8. Strange with you
    9. Rebel

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