Good And Green Again




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One of the most striking and strangely moving moments on Jake Xerxes Fussell’s gorgeous Good and Green Again—an album, his fourth and most recent, replete with such dazzling moments—arrives at its very end, with the brief words to the final song “Washing-ton.” “General Washington/Noblest of men/His house, his horse, his cherry tree, and him,” Fussell sings, after a hushed introductory passage in which his trademark percussively fingerpicked Telecaster converses lacily with James Elkington’s parlor piano. That’s the entire lyrical content of the song, which proceeds to float away on orchestral clouds of French horn, trumpet, and strings, until it simply stops, suddenly evaporating, vanishing with no fade or trace, no resolution to its sorrowful minor-key chord progression, just silence and stillness and stark presidential absence. It feels like the end of a film, or the cold departure of a ghost, and is unlike anything else Jake has recorded.


  1. Love Farewell
  2. Carriebelle
  3. Breast of Glass
  4. Frolic
  5. Rolling Mills Are Burning Down
  6. What Did the Hen Duck Say to the Drake?
  7. The Golden Willow Tree
  8. In Florida
  9. Washington