My Name is Carnival (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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This album is an overview of the work of Jackson C. Frank, friend and peer of the likes of Paul Simon, Bert Jansch and (his girlfriend for a while), Sandy Denny. His most well-known song Blues Run The Game (included here in the rare single version, along with the non-album b-side) has been covered by Simon and Garfunkel, Counting Crows, Bert Jansch and Eddi Reader, and Nick Drake recorded 4 of his songs. In recent years, Jackson's work has come to be recognised much more widely, and his music (particularly Blues Run The Game) has been included in many TV programmes and films, with My Name Is Carnival featuring in 2019's huge hit Joker. Sessions include My Kind Of Folk Nov 13, 1968 Shotwell Sessions, recorded June 5, 1972 Rude Sessions, recorded May 9, 1974 Extensive sleeve notes detailing the tragic life of this Folk artist,


1. Blues Run The Game
2. Can't Get Away From My Love
3. Juliette
4. China Blue
5. Madonna Of Swans
6. Box Canyon
7. Cover Me With Roses
8. Spanish Moss
9. Stitch In Time
10. Blues Run The Game
11. Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone)
12. Golden Mirror
13. Just Like Anything
14. My Name Is Carnival

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