Irida Records: Hybrid Musics From Texas And Beyond, 1979–1986

Vinyl Box Set

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Irida Associates U.S.A., an obscure and short-lived record label formed by composer-performer Jerry Hunt, offers a glimpse into the revelatory world of new music and composition in the artist’s native Third Coast. Based first in Dallas and later in Hunt’s home outside the rural town of Canton, Texas, Irida presented the innovative and daring experiments – into aleatoric methods, environmental acoustics, improvisation, homemade technologies, and more – pursued by Hunt and his select collaborators, primarily working in or near Texas between 1979 and 1986. Irida’s brief and compact output – seven non-sequentially numbered LPs released in unknown – shared work by artists whose practices often challenged the limitations of vinyl recording. Hunt called the label a “vanity project” and frequently talked of a tax loophole he could claim if it all went belly up, but in its short lifespan Irida captured a tremendous period of creative experimentation by the artist and his friends and collaborators.


1. Jerry Hunt - Lattice
2. Philip Krumm - Sound Machine
3. Jerry Willingham - T’Chu
4. Jerry Hunt - Transform (Stream)
5. Jerry Hunt - Cantegral Segment 18.17
6. Jerry Hunt - Transphalba
7. Jerry Hunt - Volta (Kernel)
8. James Fulkerson - Co-ordinative Systems No. 10
9. James Fulkerson - Music for Brass Instruments Ii
10. James Fulkerson - Antiphonies and Streams
11. James Fulkerson - Suite for Solo ‘Cello
12. Larry Austin - Quadrants: Event/Complex No.1
13. Larry Austin - Second Fantasy on Ives’ Universe Symphony - The Heavens
14. Larry Austin - Catalogo Voce
15. Larry Austin - Maroon Bells
16. Dary John Mizelle - Polyphonies I
17. Dary John Mizelle - Spectra for Bass and Computer Tape
18. Dary John Mizelle - Primavera-Heterophony for 24 Celli
19. Bl Lacerta - High Energy
20. Bl Lacerta - Starts Same but Beautiful
21. Bl Lacerta - Flutes and Tuba
22. Bl Lacerta - Powerful
23. Bl Lacerta - Estampie
24. Bl Lacerta - My Mother Is Here
25. Bl Lacerta - Stravinsky
26. Bl Lacerta - Third
27. Bl Lacerta - Monkey Chant
28. Gene Delisa - Sanctus
29. Gene Delisa - Concertal
30. Robert Michael Keefe - Fractalis Balinesus
31. Rodney Waschka Ii - Euwe Suite: 1. Euwe-Colle
32. Rodney Waschka Ii - Euwe Suite: 2. Euwe-Alekhine
33. Rodney Waschka Ii - Euwe Suite: 3. Alekhine-Euwe
34. Rodney Waschka Ii - Euwe Suite: 4. Euwe-Najdorf
35. Rodney Waschka Ii - Euwe Suite: 5. Moonen-Euwe
36. Rodney Waschka Ii - Runes

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