Interpretaciones Del Oso

Suicide Squeeze

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Minus the Bear’s sophomore album Menos El Oso was a significant departure from their debut full-length Highly Refined Pirates. The playful guitar-tapping, fluid production, and nostalgia-bating melodies were largely excised for air-tight drums, glitchy guitar samples, and an overall air that was more of a futurist interpretation of sepia-toned noir than their predecessor’s contemporary Polaroid romanticism. It was an album that already sounded like a dark, stuttering remix of their previous efforts. But Minus the Bear was still—in both spirit and instrumentation—a rock band, and those staccato riffs and dance beats practically begged to be re-examined from behind the producer’s console. So the band enlisted a team of underground remix artists to reinvent each of Menos El Oso’s eleven tracks. The resulting Interpretaciones Del Oso is a wild and imaginative ride through a dizzying array of sonic reconstructions. P.O.S. makes “Drilling” a club banger; FOG turns “Memphis & 53rd” into the kind of murky gloom churned out by reclusive black metalhead Xasthur; Dälek producer Oktopus transforms “The Game Needed Me” into a dreamy druggy daze; BattlesTyondai Braxton deconstructs “Fulfill The Dream” into a send-up of classic Warp Records IDM. As part of their 20th anniversary celebratory series, Suicide Squeeze is proud to offer a limited vinyl repress of Interpretaciones Del Oso on 1000 copies of Taos-colored vinyl with updated artwork, printed inner sleeves, and a download card.

A1 Drilling [P.O.S Redo]
A2 Memphis & 53rd [Fog Remix]
A3 Fulfill The Dream [Old Italy Remix Tyondai Braxton]
A4 This Aint A Surfin' Movie [IQU 06 Mix]
A5 The Fix [Plan B Remix]
A6 Hooray [Dark Baby Remix]
B1 The Game Needed Me [The Oktopus Remix]
B2 Pachuca Sunrise [Alias Remix]
B3 Michio's Death Drive [Michio A.K.A. Monostereo Remix]
B4 El Torrente [J. Clark Remix]
B5 The Pig War [O, Hunter Remix]