One for Sorrow (Reissue) (Limited Coke Bottle Green Vinyl LP)

Limited Coke Bottle Green Vinyl LP

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Few bands bring together sounds of darkness, melody and musicality like Finland’s Insomnium. And with great success: Their latest masterpiece, Anno 1696 (released in early 2023) conquered the international album charts, including #1 in Finland and #5 in Germany.

Century Media Records is now bringing back two albums on vinyl that were out of print for several years.

Back in 2011, the album One For Sorrow stepped up the band’s ongoing and constantly increasing success, catapulting them to the Top 10 of the Finnish album charts.


1. Inertia
2. Through The Shadows
3. Song Of The Blackest Bird
4. Only One Who Waits
5. Unsung
6. Every Hour Wounds
7. Decoherence 
8. Lay The Ghost To Rest
9. Regain The Fire
10. One For Sorrow

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