Double Vinyl

Era collects nine songs from the '70s post-punk band In Camera along with demos, live recordings, and a five-song rehearsal tape. For enthusiasts of the goth/post-punk nexus, the collection offers a mastery of that moment's tone: echoing minor-key drones, a wailing singer with an unpretty voice, rhythms that evoke faltering inhuman mechanisms, words suggesting imminent disaster. 


  1. Die Laughing
  2. Final Achievement
  3. Fragments of Fear
  4. The Attic
  5. The Conversation
  6. Legion
  7. Co-Ordinates (Peel Session)
  8. Apocalypse (Peel Session)
  9. Scars (Demo)
  10. Colour In The Home (Live at The Scala 1979)
  11. The Conversation (Live at The Scala 1979)
  12. On The Retina (Live at The Marquee 1981)
  13. The Attic (Brixton Rehearsal 1980)
  14. Co-Ordinates (Brixton Rehearsal 1980)
  15. The Fatal Day (Brixton Rehearsal 1980)