Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu (Reissue) (Limited Grey Marbled Vinyl 12")

Limited Grey Marble Vinyl 12"

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Limited edition grey marbled 12” vinyl reissue of Iglooghost’s Clear Tamei and Steel Mogu EPs on Brainfeeder. Originally released digitally in 2018 as the follow ups to is acclaimed full-length debut Neō Wax Bloom, the releases are bundled with multimedia storyline material that feed into Iglooghost’s ever-expanding narrative - giving longtime fans their first glimpse into the primordial era of the Mamu dimension. Although paired in format, the dual EPs draw from different corners of Igloo’s influences. Steel Mogu is a hyperspeed collage of synthetic, trance-influenced synths contorting around violent, mutating 808s - whilst Clear Tamei channels lavish string quartets and melancholic, fictional classical instruments.

The 12” includes a comic strip documenting an ancient 3000 year old myth from Mamu. Artwork by Iglooghost.


1. Påleo Mamu
2. New Vectors
3. Clear Tamei
4. Namā
5. Shrine Hacker (feat. Babii) - Edit
6. First Vōids
7. Steel Mogu
8. Black Light Ultra
9. Mei Mode
10. Niteracer

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