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Metallic K.O. isn't quite as epochal as its reputation would have you believe. Time has had its way with it, diluting its original impact, not just through the natural ebb and flow of time, but in the way that historical accuracy has provided a record that might be true to the letter but betrays the myth. Most of the original bootlegs of Metallic K.O. consisted of two separate performances, both recorded toward the end of the band's run, including its very final show, legendary for Iggy's baiting of a hostile audience of drunk bikers. This bootleg was ferocious, capturing the highlights of both shows, distilling its rawest essence. Metallic 2X K.O. performs a historical service by presenting the two shows in their entirety, and while this is welcome, separating the performance does a disservice to the myth. On the original vinyl, the second half of both shows is captured, and the momentum is blinding, capturing the Stooges gleefully careening through a set of new material (including songs like "Cock in Pocket" and "I Got a Right" that didn't show up on studio albums). Here, even the final show seems more like a conventional show -- albeit a show that ends with bottles being thrown onto the stage and the singer brazenly taunting an audience that hates him. And the funny thing about this is that it seems more fun than scary, just a big prank pulled by the Stooges as they recklessly belt out their sleaziest songs and ending it all with a monumental version of "Louie Louie." Yes, the recording is an audience tape and it's nearly antiaudiophile, but music this raw and unhinged deserves nothing less. And make no mistake, in any incarnation, this is one of the best rock live albums, nothing but pure, insane energy.


  1. Raw Power 
  2. Head On 
  3. Gimme Danger 
  4. Rich Bitch 
  5. Cock In My Pocket 
  6. Louie Louie