Sucker (Red Vinyl LP)

Red Vinyl LP

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Jilian "Ian Sweet" Medford returns with her fourth and most fabulous album yet. Ever bemoan the lack of decent saccharine-yet-sour indie poppin' rock songs, baked the way mama used to make? Look no further than Sucker, a record that wilfully evokes the woozy fuzz of guitar greats Broken Social Scene, the intelligent pop of Feist, and shoegaze goodness. Throw in some woozy synths to decorate the heartache and longing on display here, and you've got something of a perfect batch of The Kind Of Thing We're Into! - Flying Out

On Ian Sweet’s upcoming full-length album,Sucker, creative mastermind Jilian Medford delivers the strongest and most personal batch of songs she’s ever written - brimming with despair, vulnerability, and remorse. “I’m a sucker for the pain and the heartbreak,” she sings on standout Sucker, which features woozy synth lines and droney guitar work that touches on themes of uncertainty. Recorded at The Outlier Inn, nestled in New York state’s southern Catskill mountains, and mixed by Al Carlson (St. Vincent, Weyes Blood, Jessica Pratt), the album showcases Medford’s ability to craft beautiful pop songs that tug at your heartstrings while at the same time, busting wide open with layers of lush synths and overblown guitars. These songs are full of heartache and longing - a sadness Medford addresses head-on in what is undeniably her best album to date. 


1. Bloody Knees
2. Smoking Again
3. Emergency Contact
4. Sucker
5. Comeback
6 Your Spit
7. Clean
9. Slowdance
10. Hard

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