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The dancefloor is unified when I. JORDAN is on the decks. On their long-awaited debut album, ‘I AM JORDAN’ - the UK electronic producer gleefully celebrates collective ecstasy as a mode of self-discovery. “This album is about joy”, Jordan says. “It’s about my joy as a trans person, and trans joy generally, working with trans people, making all this fun music together.” With this goal, the record captures the bliss and dynamism of a wild I. JORDAN set. Using their decade of experience as a DJ and producer, there are giddy tributes to northern dance sounds like donk and hardstyle, euphoric trance and house, and plenty of space for exploration. Crucially, the record acts as a personal dance music diary, marking a period of upheaval.

  1. When Lights Flash
  2. Casino High
  3. Real Hot N Naughty (Ft. Felix Mufti)
  4. The Countdown (Ft. Taahliah)
  5. Butterlick (Ft. Sister Zo)
  6. Reification and Pathetic Fallacy
  7. People Want Nice Things
  8. Round N Round
  9. The Woodpecker
  10. 7 Degrees of Despondent
  11. Close to You
  12. Rapt Finis

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