Hudson's Heeters 1 (Reissue)

Warp Records

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Like many musicians in 2006, Scottish producer and DJ Ross Birchard uploaded a mixtape to some obscure forums and a now-defunct social media platform. But among the bathers of this online primordial soup, HUDSON’S HEETERS VOL. 1 stood out for its creator’s singular talent, a monumental force detonating the dividing wall between instrumental hip-hop and electronica, poised to instate a new movement free from either genre’s confines. Plastered across the glitched-out mania was Birchard’s audio tag: Hudson Mohawke. Warp couldn’t help but take notice, and signed him without hesitation.

HudMo has since become a go-to for hip-hop abstractions, and HUDSON’S HEETERS VOL. 1 is where it all started. But if the tape shows anything, it’s that his vision was always fully-formed; clipped sampled drums and swaggering synth brass blows flit in and out of measure, bringing to mind the off-grid approach of J Dilla if he’d briefly had a stint as a dubstep producer. The bombast is unparalleled, but the melodious wit in the chiming and glittering high-end textures is the ribbon that ties HUDSON’S HEETERS VOL. 1 together; truly, it’s the full package.

Now available on vinyl for the very first time, HUDSON’S HEETERS VOL. 1 is a modern classic — if not, a genre unto itself.


  1. Intro
  2. You Got Money
  3. Star Of A Story
  4. Free Mo
  5. Apple Cores
  6. Oversized Pencil Break
  7. No One Could Ever
  8. Polkadot Blues
  9. The Harvest
  10. Are You Feeling Hot
  11. Moogli
  12. Waldo’s Gift
  13. Bottle Caps
  14. Overnight