The Coincidentalist / Dust Bowl

Vinyl LP (Gold)

Released on gold vinyl, The Coincidentalist and Dust Bowl are two discs of Howe Gelb filled with randomness and happenstance, a typical treasure trove spanning all genres from alt country to Cohen-esque grandeur. They traverse, unflinchingly, his chameleon-like repertoire.


  1. Vortexas (feat Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)
  2. Left of Center
  3. Running Behind
  4. The 3 Deaths of Lucky (feat. KT Tunstall)
  5. Unforgivable
  6. Instigated Chimes
  7. The Coincidentalist (feat. Andrew Bird)
  8. Triangulate
  9. Picacho Peak
  10. An Extended Plane of Existence
  11. Looking That Way
  12. Dust Bowl
  13. Porch Banjo
  14. Lost Love
  15. Man on a String
  16. Reality or Not
  17. John Deere
  18. Windblown Waltz
  19. Redelivery Blues
  20. Forever and a Day
  21. Plane of Existence
  22. A Coffee Song
  23. The Old Overrated
  24. Mystery Spot
  25. Blink of an Eye