How Can You Be So Blind?


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The first Cakekitchen release to embrace the new digital recording technology and the second album to feature Notwist songwriter Markus Acher on drums. Recorded by Michael Heilrath in Munich over a two year period “How Can You Be So Blind” features stunning production and is one of the most fully realised Cakekitchen recordings to come out of the oven.

The ten songs here were selected from over thirty candidates and it would be difficult to know how Graeme and Michael could have made this one any better. Originally released in 2003 on vinyl and CD by Bavarian label Hausmusik this release still sounds just as great and timeless ten years down the line as it did when it first came out. One of the bands most fully realised releases. 

1 You Know I Really Like Your Style
2 How Can You Be So Blind?
3 Gold Neon Moon
4 Beautiful Hidden Lagoon
5 The Love You Had For Me
6 The Rainmaker
7 I Don't Want To Hear You Say Goodbye
8 We See In The Dark
9 The Resurrection Of Lieutenant Ghmpinski

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