Ride Out The Dark

Houndstooth is a 5 piece rock and roll band from Portland, OR informed, decidedly, by the grand history of rock acts, but it may be more helpful to think about a William Eggleston photo or an Alice Munro short story to get the feel of the band; two Southerners (Katie Bernstein and John Gnorski), two Detroiters (Courtney Sheedy and Mike Yun), and a Canadian (Graeme Gibson). Their debut LP, Ride Out The Dark, is a collection of songs that came out of that universally tumultuous year of 2012, and speak to the light at the end of that tunnel we all made it through. Sit with it for a while; its the kind of record that makes you homesick for an un-nameable place and puts you in its own sort of darkness on the edge of town, where things are raw and alive and unchained.