No News From Home

No Quarter


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No News From Home is the 2nd LP from Portland, Oregon quartet Houndstooth and the follow-up to Ride Out The Dark. That record was labeled "one of 2013's all too overlooked delights" by SPIN while their hometown Portland Mercury called it "an extraordinarily good album, a perfect representation of the band's trademark balancing of ease and passion." News is an altogether more mature record that widens the bands sound: from Velvets-style churners to shimmering, breezy, love songs, all penned by songwriting duo John Gnorski and Katie Bernstein.


1. Bliss Boat
2. Amelia
3. No News From Home 
4. Green Light
5. Wasted Hours
6. Witching Hour
7. Borderlands 
8. Yellow Stone 
9. Double Vision
10. Spirit
11. They're Racing Tonight