It's You




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A Vampires 2011 club-cruise across Australia unearthed a multitude of uplifting experiences (Cairns hippie aerialists, Newcastle hardcore, Melbourne acid sangria, etc), but chief among them was the live actualization of Sydney post-power trio Holy Balm, who slyly gene-splice strands of mutant new wave, freeform house, digital trashcan tribalism, and minimalist pop into something playful, primitive, and splatterpaint-party perfect. After a few micro-limited split tapes and a single 7, the band finally enlisted the help of Jon Hunter at Magnetic Recording Council Studios to record and mix their debut full-length, resulting in the whacked-out hypercolor majesty of Its You. Comprised of live classics (Take It, Holy Balm Theme, Town Called Hope) as well as some wild, extended studio experiments (Phone Song, One & Only), plus a Y Pants cover, the album captures HBs wobbly electronic freak-funk and paradise garage grooves gloriously. Released in Australia via esteemed pan-genre punkers R.I.P. Society. Funky cactus cover artwork and layout by Sydney conceptual painter Mitch Cairns.