Happy Hour In Dub

Vinyl LP (Black)

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We played Hollie Cook's 2022 album Happy Hour on the daily, with its bubbly modern take on Lover's Rock being just what the doctor ordered. Now, the British singer - who just happens to be the daughter of Sex Pistol Paul Cook - is back with a dubbed out rework of the record. If you're already a fan, you don't need us to sell you on this... If you're new to the Hollie Cook game, dive right on in and find out why The Slits roped her in to be part of their final line-up, and revel in the tropical pop dub goodness of it all! - Flying Out
A heavenly set of dub versions to pair with Hollie Cook's critically acclaimed 2022 album Happy Hour. Hollie’s first full dub record since 2012, Happy Hour in Dub was coaxed into being by close listening of the original album’s modern lover’s rock.

  1. Praying Dub
  2. Dub My Way
  3. Dub in the Dark
  4. Golden Dub (Feat. Rosie Turton)
  5. Unkind Dub
  6. Kush Dub (Feat. Josh Skints & JAH9)
  7. Full Moon Dub
  8. Dubbing on (Feat. Kiko Bun)
  9. Happy Dub

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