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M.C. Taylor recorded this spiritually devastating, austere antecedent to the widely celebrated Hiss Golden Messenger albums Haw (2013) and Poor Moon (2011) direct to a portable cassette recorder at the kitchen table of his pine-entwined home in rural Piedmont North Carolina in 2010. It was the dead of winter and the pit of the financial crisis, a moment when the dire ramifications of debt—in its economic, political, and personal senses - had assumed a rank immediacy and terror for many working people around the world, not least of all in the American South. Taylor, his one-year old boy Elijah sleeping in the next room, was compelled to chart the sacred valences of debt, doubt, and family in fresh ways, in the process stripping bare and reinventing his songwriting idiom.


1.Balthazar's Song
2.No Lord Is Free
3.Bad Debt
4.O Little Light
5.Straw Man Red Sun River Gold
6.Far Bright Star
7.The Serpent Is Kind (Compared to Man)
8.Call Him Daylight
9.Jesus Shot Me in the Head
10.Super Blue (Two Days Clean)
11.Roll River Roll