Time To Choose



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Herman Saiz debuts on Aprapta Music with his latest creation, Time To Choose. 12 original tracks spread across two 12"s. The NZ based producer's latest project, born out of the volatility of 2020, merges various styles of electronic music, to offer a thought-provoking album, challenging the heavy main stream programming of this generation. Each track's aim to dissolve the illusionary forces holding us to meaningless narratives and diluted culture. From downtempo, hip-hop, minimal, house, and experimental electronica, the album is an invitation to choose your own preferred timelines, switching off auto pilot, and harnessing the power of being present in the now. Through interweaving deep truths with electronic pulses, this is a clear offering to choose sovereignty and an awakened future. Features Katrina Smith.
  1. Time To Choose
  2. N0w
  3. The Universe
  4. Spiritual Gansta
  5. The Industry
  6. Interlude
  7. Free The Children
  8. Indigo Talk
  9. Awaken Feat. Katrina Smith
  10. Vision Board Feat. Katrina Smith
  11. Off The Grid
  12. Aramentena Feat Katrina Smith