Strangers Again (Vinyl LP, Blue & White)

Vinyl LP (Blue & White)



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In case you missed the memo, there's a new guitar slinging, leather jacket sporting, slick and sassy cowboy in town. Sauntering into the saloon of your heart with saddlebags of sorrow and pistols of passion, it's none other than the Pōneke phantom... Hemi Hemingway, the swagtastic sweeping 60's pop alter ego of one Mr Shaun Blackwell. A veteran of the Wellington scene, Blackwell has been around the block once or twice collecting tales to tell, and on his debut long-player Strangers Again, he's set to regale you with the swooniest stories of love and loss you ever did hear.

With the rock’n’roll panache of a dive bar matador and the emotional force of a knife in the guts, Hemi Hemingway makes music that thrills, spills and breaks hearts. The effortlessly slick New Zealand star has a connoisseur’s ear for the finest parts of musical history, sweeping 60s rock, 50s sheen and 80s romanticism into the present day, refurbishing and refashioning them into something new and fresh. At home in the spotlight, he’s a showman in the best troubadour traditions, but one with real depth, showcasing swagger and vulnerability in equal measure.

Having played around in other bands in the darker waters of the music scene for a number of years, Shaun Blackwell eventually took the plunge, and, with the help of a four-track recorder, launched a solo project. To do that, he stepped into the shoes of Hemi Hemingway, stage persona and Blackwell’s alter ego, the character that breathes life into the songs. Hemi introduced himself to the world with 2021’s The Lonely Hunter EP, six songs of lush, 60s-inspired classical pop. That EP was picked up by KEXP and led to a couple of sold-out London shows at the Moth Club and the Shacklewell Arms, and support slots for Kurt Vile and Night Beats. Now, with the release of his debut album, Strangers Again, he’s revealing whole new acres of what he can do.


  1. Alone in the Morning Alley
  2. Strangers Again
  3. Dreamin’ of You
  4. Green Envy
  5. It’s So Cruel (Lovin’ You)
  6. January Lake #3
  7. Now That You Know (We Can’t Pretend You Don’t)
  8. Hopelessly Dependent on You
  9. Burn Your Fires
  10. Don’t Wanna Hurt U