Pacifica-Amour (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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The very definition of pub rock, in its purest form, the music of Hello Sailor is well and truly soaked into the beer mats and bar carpets up and down the country. Recorded and released during the band's surprisingly short first incarnation from 1977 to 1980, these two classic albums are getting well-deserved and long-requested reissues. Featuring enormous tunes like Gutter Black and Blue Lady, there's no denying the greatness of Brazier 'n' the boys' 1977 debut, while its 1978 follow-up Pacifica Amour arrived with the declaration that Disco's Dead. Last chance to dance! - Flying Out


  1. Disco’s Dead
  2. On Parade (For the Hell of It)
  3. Tube ‘n’ Train 
  4. Tears of Blood 
  5. Chained All Round 
  6. The Boys in Brazil 
  7. Blackpool 
  8. I’m a Texan 
  9. the Silver Jive 
  10. Dr Jazz

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