Church Gone Wild / Chirpin Hard


The magic of Hella grows more mystifying and thrilling on this split personality offering. Zach Hill's "Church Gone Wild" delivers a dark and menacing onslaught of aggression and guts (and vocals!), while Spencer Seim's "Chirpin Hard" brings out a lighthearted but wholly technical and equally impressive spattering of pop and punk melded in the hotpot of the computer and video game age.

Church Gone Wild:
1. Movement 1: Leaving The Arena Of Anthropology
2. Movement 2: I'm Quitting The Cult
3. Movement 3: Half Hour Handshake
4. Movement 4: Imaginary Friends
5. Movement 5: Wildlife Takes The Loser By Night
6. Movement 6: Black Metal Blues/Black Mold
7. Movement 7: Nixed
8. Movement 8: Earth's First Evening Jimi Hendrix-Less And Pissed
9. Movement 9: Wish I Never Saw A White Man
10. Movement 10: Baby In A Coma/Child Of No Calendar
11. Movement 11: Bodyguards Harmonic
12. Movement 12: We Was Just Boys, Living In A Dead Ass German Shepard

Chirpin Hand:
1. Gold Mine, Gold Yours
2. Song For Uncle
3. W
4. Try Dis...
5. Drop Diva
6. Famnail
7. Dad For Song
8. Mind Over Butter
9. Home On The Arrange
10. Trap Kit Whatever
11. Proud Of The Sun
12. Chirpin Hand