Rewind the Hateman

Comes with cover art and a 20 page digital e-booklet with extensive liner notes from our fans, friends and associates (such as Lisa van der Aarde, Simon Grigg, Nick D, Stinky Jim), along with previously unpublished photos, comics, lyrics and more... 

Hallelujah Picassos were a bunch of happy musical misfits, resident in Auckland from 1988 til 1996. Their sound mashed up a bunch of genres, and was labelled ska-punk-reggae-pop-thrash-hiphop-hardcore, or as they liked to call it, Picasso Core. The Picassos mixed up genres with unabashed glee, slamming them together, often within the same song. It’s fair to say there was nothing quite like them across the nation at the time. They were unique. 

The Picassos were famous for their incendiary live shows, which the band liked to describe as “search and destroy”. Simon Grigg, in the liner notes for this collection, says when you saw the band live, “You thrilled at the energy and seductive melody, but found yourself utterly shattered as they walked off… and I’m not a dancer. I can but try to imagine how the band felt.” 

They opened for acts such as Violent Femmes, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Faith No More, African Head Charge, Beastie Boys, and Ice T and Body Count. 

Rewind the Hateman includes several numbers that were hugely popular on student radio back in the day, such as Rewind, Picasso Core, Hateman and Lovers Plus. 

Simon Grigg observes “their influence was undeniable, and a generation of local acts who refused to accept the boundaries that those Pink Floyd and Dire Straits-loving critics defined owe massively to the Picassos, often without realising exactly how much they broke down the barriers of musical conservatism in Auckland and beyond.” 

Their recordings have languished, being mostly unavailable since their original release. This 18-song collection serves as an introduction to the band across their recording career on Wildside Records (two albums, numerous EPs) and has been remastered at Uptown Studio by Rick Huntington and Alan Jansson. There are further reissue plans afoot.