Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose

Double Vinyl

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With cues and lessons from the great minimalists La Monte Young,Terry Riley, Pandit Pran Nath, and help from the venerable public radio program Hearts of Space, Jordan De La Sierra embarked on a journey in alternate tunings and resounding reverberations, transporting entranced listeners from the Golden Gates to the intergalactic. Take an interstellar ride on the sensory engulfing space piano with this lovingly recreated double LP set, complete with De La Sierra's India-inspired visual artwork and musings on the tableau of space.

"A record of supple, droning piano that both hypnotizes and comforts." - Vogue

"Music for Gymnastics consists mostly of one chord, spelled out in the left hand again and again while the right hand dances over runs. The chords don't change, in any active sense, as much as they cloud into new harmonies, touch on suggestions of new chords. It's like watching sediment stir and settle in your tea—contemplative, mundane, somehow, on a tiny level, awe-inspiring." - Pitchfork

A Music For Gymnastics 24:00
B Temple Of Aesthetic Action 24:00
C Music For Devotional Pastimes 27:00
D Sphere Of Sublime Dances 27:00 

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