Where Polly People Go To Read

Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP pressing. You will leave this earth for a while. Gus Dapperton personally sees to that on his 2019 full-length debut, Where Polly People Go To Read. Instead of the familiar realm of flesh, bone, and boundaries, he presents a new place for popular culture and music. The Warwick, NY singer, songwriter, and vibe maestro invites you to take up residence deep inside of his subconscious as embodied by these ten tracks.

  1. Verdigris
  2. World Class Cinema
  3. Nomadicon
  4. Eyes for Ellis
  5.  Coax & Botany
  6.  Sockboy
  7.  Roadhead
  8.  My Favorite Fish
  9. Fill Me Up Anthem
  10. I Ascend