UFO (Reissue)

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German band Guru Guru's debut release from 1970, UFO, is a cosmic whirlwind of rumbling bass, feedback guitars and thumping drums, all mixed into some sort of structured, spacey chaos. What we have in this album is one of the earliest examples of space rock, kosmische muzieke, wild psychedelia and an essential base to the Krautrock scene, even if it is not the most representative. Based on the live jams of Jimi Hendrix, a lot of Guru Guru's music just soars on ahead often reaching mayhem and redefining chaos. Their mainly instrumental rock exudes energy, sounding sometimes like a three guitar Pink Floyd (Saucerful-era) fusing the tracks together in an intense and sometimes improvised dirty lo-fi rock.

Side two contains two lengthy workouts, the incredibly spacey title track - sound effects galore, mainly drums and guitar experimenting with sonic soundscapes inspired by distant galaxies and spaceships. A full-on masterpiece of progressive music and definitive Krautrock - on par with Can's Tago Mago.


1. Stone In
2. Girl Call 
3. Next Time See You At The Dalai Lama 
4. UFO 
5. Der LSD-Marsch 

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