Dim Light

Vinyl LP

Dim Light is a punk rock record collector head fuck, throwbacks and illusions to Meat Puppets, X, Dinosaur Jr, and Husker Du but staying current in form, Dim Light could of easily been on SST, but it’s on PPM. Gun Outfit are three incredible humans from Olympia Washington made up of Dylan Sharp on guitar and vocals, Caroline Keith on guitar and vocals, and Reuben Storey on drums. No bass player and down strokes for miles, strumming and buzzing your ears to blissful extremities. Listening to Dim Light is refreshing to say the least. It stands as something really special and honest in a world of irony and it slays as much as it embraces. Gun Outfit are an avalanche of intensity and excitement for all of us, enjoy.

A1 Work Experience
A2 Troubles Like Mine
A3 Guilt And Regret
A4 The Valley
B1 In The Dark
B2 Control
B3 Cocaine Woman
B4 Had Enough