Miami (reissue)

Sympathy 4 the R.I.


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Features a remastered version of the original classic album, but also includes a second disc featuring the Miami demos. This classic 1982 album has been digitally remastered and comes in beautiful gatefold packaging with extensive liner notes and archival photos and other collectable images. Miami is considered the band's masterpiece!


1 Carry Home
2 Like Calling Up Thunder
3 Brother and Sister
4 Run Through the Jungle
5 Devil in the Woods
6 Texas Serenade
7 Watermelon Man
8 Bad Indian
9 John Hardy
10 Fire of Love
11 Sleeping in Blood City
12 Mother of Earth
13 Carry Home (Demo)
14 Like Calling Up Thunder (Demo)
15 Brother and Sister (Demo)
16 Run Through the Jungle (Demo)
17 Devil in the Woods (Demo)
18 Texas Serenade (Demo)
19 Watermelon Man (Demo)
20 Bad Indian (Demo)
21 John Hardy (Demo)
22 Fire of Love (Demo)
23 Sleeping in Bloody City (Demo)
24 Mother of Earth (Demo)