Awa Blues

Vinyl LP

Haua – who was a longtime half of the blues stompin', stage rockin' Swamp Thing with drummer Mike Barker – is a rare one: he's honest and that comes through in interviews.

And on Awa Blues which opens with the angular dark, acoustic-driven funk of Got Something but he follows that with a lovely up-tempo tribute to his tipuna, matua and turangawaewae on This is The Place (which opens with a karanga and has a chorus in te reo).

The more breezy Mamma's Boy takes an alternative viewpoint of maternalism, inspired by Kathy Bates in The Waterboy: “It's hard to do anything when you're tied to your mamma's apron strings . . . Mumma's boy I hear them yelling at me”.


  1. Got Something
  2.  This Is The Place
  3.  Be Yourself
  4.  Touch Love Mumma
  5.  Addiction
  6. Devil Is A Woman
  7.  My Baby
  8.  Mumma‘s Boy
  9. Cant‘t Let It Go
  10. Netter Day
  11. Keep On Smiling
  12. Might Have Been