I'm Not Listening to Your Station (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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This is the first offering from the 100 reel strong Graeme Jefferies analogue tape library and features unreleased and demo material from 1982 onwards from when Graeme was a member of the Nocturnal Projections. Unused at the time material that was presented at This Kind of Punishment production meetings is also in this set as well as three songs written on the TKP piano in Auckland in 1985.

Cakekitchen mainman Robert Key plays his instantly recogniseable style to three of the tracks that come from a 10 song pre first gig recording session that Sombretone head honcho Craig Mason captured on Graeme’s Teac 4 track when the band was still a two piece line up before Rachel King arrived. Belgian violinist Dieter Rooseuw makes a welcome return to the master plan on the closing track Departure Lounge and the demo two piece live road map that Graeme sent Brett Jones for a gig at the San Francisco Bathhouse of the Nocturnal Projections chestnut Could It Be Increased? rounds up the goodies in this remarkable set of hidden gems.


1. I'm Not Listening To Your Station
2. Street Signs Back To White
3. Could It Be Increased 
4. Here's To No More Sad Goodbyes 
5. Obvden Unmaid 
6. The Tennant 
7. Robinson Crusoe 
8. God Damn Mr. Suit
9. Things Too Hot Too Taste 
10. Departure Lounge 

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