Hog Porridge and Heffalumping (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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While most folks found lockdown a trying time, some - in this instance the prolific Graeme Jefferies - took it as a chance to create, create, create. This is the second solo album to emerge from this recording bonanza, wherein Jefferies (he of The Cakekitchen, This Kind Of Punishment...) recorded all instruments himself on a 16 track machine, even using a long discontinued American instrument called the Marxophone. Yep, the state of the world and the annoying human condition is tackled here, all in Graeme's inimitable style.  - Flying Out

Hog Porridge and Heffalumping is the third solo album by Graeme Jefferies. It is ten song wide and about 45 minutes long: The album comes with a inner colour lyric sheet and features a long out of print American Instrument called a Marxophone on some of the songs. The material is mostly about today’s world and its current problems. Topics range from the “War in the Ukraine” to the evils of “Gain of Function Research” as well as getting fired from work again, illegal abortion and people who stymie all your fun. Graeme spent the lockdowns happy in his studio writing songs and this is the second volume of these sessions to be released. He plays all the instruments himself and recorded all the material on a portable 16 track. Like with the first two This Kind of Punishment albums (which were also written and recorded in semi lockdown conditions)  there was no real gap between this album and 2022's Canary In a Coalmine LP.  


  1. Ukrainian Victory Salute
  2. Hog Porridge and Heffalumping
  3. Right Foot Down
  4. Inia's Birthday
  5. Rock and a Hard Place
  6. Doctor McBride
  7. Big Black Cloud
  8. Tunnel Vision
  9. A Hedgehog In The Zoo
  10. I Don't Want To Die of a Manmade Disease