Good Riddance (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP


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Here in 2023, there's a new genre in town. It's called "produced by Aaron Dessner", and Gracie Abrams wears it well on her debut LP Good Riddance. Released way back in the good old days of February this year, the album is getting its moment on vinyl at last, breathing a second life into these confessional songs of lost love and other stuff that young people go through these days, with reasonably strong echoes of Tay-Tay via Phoebe Bridgers at play. - Flying Out

Gracie Abrams' debut album Good Riddance, produced and co-written by her frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner of The National, finds Abrams documenting her emotional experience with more precision and impact than ever before.As she narrates the end of a fractured relationship and all the confusion, frustration, and longing that come with it, the 23-year-old artist achieves a new level of lyrical honesty and self-possession — an element fully reflected in her quietly captivating vocal work.


1. Best
2. I know it won't work
3. Full machine
4. Where do we go now?
5. I should hate you
6. Will you cry?
7. Amelie
8. Difficult 
9. This is what the drugs are for
10. Fault line
11. The blue
12. Right now
13. Block me out
14. Unsteady
15. 405
16. Two People