Standing In The Way Of Control (Vinyl LP, Hot Pink)

Vinyl LP (Hot Pink)



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With our favourite trio having returned in grand style recently, it's probably well and truly high time for a revisitation of Gossip's stone cold classic album Standing In The Way Of Control. Just announced for reissue on hot pink vinyl, and featuring big badass tunes like the title track, Fire With Fire, and Listen Up!, this soul-fuelled dance punk classic has lost none of its potency since it landed nearly two decades ago. - Flying Out

The first thing that strikes you is the rhythm. The Gossip have been making punks dance since they debuted 5 years ago, long before dance punk existed. Soulful and jagged, you can hear everything from Dischord to Motown in Brace's playing.
Now, with the addition of new drummer Hannah Blilie (Shoplifting, ex-Chromatics) they have a new thundering beat for the kids to dance to on the corners and in the clubs. The next thing that smacks you is Beth's voice, all the guttural blues of the South is in that inimitable instrument.
It resonates with the confidence that is in her lyrics asking people to hold on just a little bit longer, re-assuring the youth that there are others out there, and spitting in the face of all who say otherwise! "Standing in the Way of Control", their third album, was recorded by Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) at Seattle's Bear Creek. From heartbreakers like "Coal to Diamonds" to the anthemic title track, released as a single with a Le Tigre remix, the band is unafraid to put it all out there and take their audience to new places. This is the sound of a band destroying and surpassing all expectations placed on them.

1.        Fire With Fire   
2.        Standing In The Way Of Control
3.        Jealous Girls
4.        Coal To Diamonds
5.        Eyes Open   
6.        Yr Mangled Heart   
7.        Listen Up! 
8.        Holy Water  
9.        Keeping You Alive
10.        Dark Lines