Saturnz Return (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP
London Records present a 21 Year Anniversary Reissue of Goldie's Saturnz Return, originally released in 1997. Goldie collaborated with London Records as they aimed to identify current artists who apply his innovative, cross-genre experimentation to the contemporary scene. They called upon the essential current Metalheadz pair Gremlinz & Jesta; HLZ, previously of the drum 'n' bass duo Need For Mirrors; the enigmatic Martyn, who continues to push bass music towards a bold new future; Dengue Dengue Dengue, a Peruvian duo who craft a futuristic hybrid of traditional rhythms and modern electronics; and finally the cutting edge and artistically inclined DjRUM, who paused his current no-remix policy when he learned of Goldie's interest. The collection also adds three rarities that were discovered in Goldie's personal archive, all of which shine fresh light on the influence that classical music had upon him.

These consist of the string arrangement for "Mother", plus early instrumental versions of "Dragonfly" and "What You Won't Do For Love". It's completed by remixes that were discovered in the London Records archive. Goldie's 1995 debut album Timeless changed the face of music culture. Bringing the nascent drum 'n' bass scene to the masses, the album careered into the Top 10, hit a number of album-of-the-year polls and earned enthusiastic praise from David Bowie. Goldie became a star in the process. But while everyone was eagerly anticipating a repeat of the Timeless formula, Goldie had other ideas. Instead, he pushed his creativity to the max and released Saturnz Return. Brave, innovative, experimental and bursting with emotion, the two-disc 150-minute album proved to be one of the most bold and divisive sets in history. Yet twenty years on, his vision is thoroughly vindicated. His innovative blend of beats and orchestration has been emulated by everyone from Carl Craig to Pete Tong. 

  1. Mother (2019 Remaster)
  2. Truth (2019 Remaster)
  3. The Dream Within (2019 Remaster)
  4. Temper Temper (2019 Remaster)
  5. Digital (2019 Remaster)
  6. I'll Be There For You (2019 Remaster)
  7. Believe (2019 Remaster)
  8. Dragonfly (2019 Remaster)
  9. Chico - Death Of A Rockstar (2019 Remaster)
  10. Letter Of Fate (2019 Remaster)
  11. Fury - The Origin (2019 Remaster)
  12. Crystal Clear (2019 Remaster)
  13. Demonz (2019 Remaster)
  14. ‘Demonz’ (Gremlinz & Jesta Remix)
  15. ‘Crystal Clear’ (HLZ Remix)
  16. ‘Demonz’ (Martyn's Full Circle Mix)
  17. ‘Crystal Clear’ (DjRUM Remix)
  18. ‘Dragonfly’ (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
  19. ‘Mother’ (Strings)
  20. ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ (Instrumental)
  21. ‘Believe’ (Grooverider Remix)
  22. ‘Digital’ (Boymerang Remix)
  23. ‘Temper Temper’ (Optical Mix)