Golden Dragon (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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First-time limited-edition reissue of this mega super-crazy rare US hard rock/metal heavy psych private press LP from 1981. Golden Dragon were a wild Filipino-American quartet from the Bay Area lead by Freddy Mabuhay. The album is filled with heavy blazing psyched out metallic rock, blistering guitar solos loaded with fuzz and wah, heavy riffs and stoned vocals.

Freddy was the bass player in the legendary band Dakila who had a fantastic album out on Epic in 1972. Later in 1978, after playing the Diamond Head Crater Festival in Hawaii, Freddy formed his own group: Golden Dragon.

In 1981, he and his band - consisting of his brother and two musicians from the legendary Bay Area punk band VKTMS - recorded the amazing Golden Dragon album. The album was only pressed in a few copies to be sent out as a demo to secure a record deal. Unfortunately, the deal never happened, and the album stayed unreleased and pretty much unobtainable for all these years.

The short lived, but lethal, Golden Dragon band performed live at the legendary venue Mabuhay Gardens, aka The Fab Mab, in San Francisco. Sadly, Freddy passed away shortly thereafter, and the mighty Golden Dragon's music stayed obscure, growing to mythical status among hard rock and psych rock aficionados. Subliminal Sounds has now put together this release in cooperation with the surviving musicians. It's finally time for the world to experience the mighty sound of Golden Dragon!


Side A
1. Highway Child
2. Higher & Higher
3. Need A Friend
4. Take Off

Side B
1. Too Late
2. Version
3. Highway Child II

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