Life Is Not A Lesson

Vinyl LP


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A Washington, D.C. resident and north-eastern Pennsylvania native, Ned Russin co-fronted Title Fight for many years before the band suspended operations and Ned became Glitterer, releasing his debut album Looking Through The Shades in 2019. “Speckled with synths and/or propelled by a thumping drum machine … It’s a far cry from anything Russin has ever been a part of before,” Stereogum said.

Lyrically, as with the prior album, many of the songs on Life Is Not A Lesson are short, dialectical considerations of the countless daily miniature panic attacks that attend the rigorously examined life. For example, the lyrics of “Are You Sure” - “Feel it in my spine / Certainty is mine / Are you sure?” - combines the tension-building properties of GBV’s “Hot Freaks” with the tension-resolving blast of something like The Pixies’ “Gouge Away”. Life is Not a Lesson proves to be a rigorous reckoning with the life of the mind at a time when there’s not much life outside the mind.

With roomier drums and more electric-guitars-per-square-inch than ever, Life is Not a Lesson has a way of evoking an alternate-universe version of Guided By Voices, one with a hardcore-punk background. And if there was, perhaps, an indirect or “meta” aspect to the pop appeal of Glitterer’s older records, there’s essentially none of that here: this is Glitterer’s most insistently and proudly accessible work.


  1. Bodies
  2. Are You Sure?
  3.  Try Harder Still
  4.  Little Backward Glance
  5. How A Song Should Go
  6. The End
  7. Didn't Want It
  8. Indeed
  9.  Birdsong
  10. I Made The Call
  11. Fire
  12.  Life Is Not A Lesson