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"For as long as we've known Stefan "Pumice" Neville, he has sung the praises of the enigmatic Glen "GFrenzy" Frenzy to anyone who'll listen. Now, Neville is putting his money where his turntable is and dishing up this reissue of Glen Frenzy's 2002 messy masterpiece Eel Creek. Featuring samples and riffs borrowed from Frenzy's friends in what Neville calls "Hamilton & Norway's scummy underground", the album has been remastered by Norwegian noise legend Lasse Marhaug, and comes in an edition of 100." - Flying Out

Recorded in Onehunga with a Soundblaster card & Cool Edit Pro software in 2002. Imagine Waikato country guitar carelessly played by tentacles. Beats & riffs sampled exclusively from Glen's friends in Hamilton & Norway's scummy underground, cut up & looped by flippery hands on slippery knobs. With Glen drunk on jugs of red wine & cola, home from his job mowing lawns at the old folks home, singing heart mangling songs of everyday horror through gills & his eyes are slightly too far apart. That's what this record is.

Parasites like Dead Raven Choir, Simon Comber, Pumice & Mr Sterile have covered these songs but this is the real eel oil. It navigates forbidden pubs, abominable funerals & passes out in forgotten creeks.

Glen Frenzy spawned from the vituperative Plop/Oats community in 1990's Kirikiriroa / Hamilton that also threw up Armpit, Dr Fil, Pumice & Biff Bangle. He has also made music with Devoid Of All Mercy, Willis, Steeden Mustic, Teen-X-Ray, Haitaitai Bowling Club, & Grommet. His comics, paintings & animations are as good as it gets. He is my favourite.
-Stefan Neville. July 2024


1. Black Goat Of The Wood
2. From The Stars
3. Funeral Suit
4. A Hundred Dollar Bill
5. Sleep In The Car
6. Fifty Bucks
7. Lord Protects Drunks
8. Eel Oil
9. The Golden Kegs
10. Chosen Time


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