DUGA-3 +



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A beautiful repress of Gianmarco Liguori - Duga-3 album (2011) + compilation of earlier material.

Gianmarco Liguori - guitars, Korg Polysix, bass, percussion, electronics, drum machine etc
Murray McNabb - piano, Korg Polysix, EDP Wasp, Fender Rhodes, flute, electronics
Kim Paterson - drums, trumpet, percussion

"To know Gianmarco Liguori as a musician as I’ve done since he first
popped up in my brothers’ inner city Auckland record shop in the
mid-1990s is to be constantly surprised and challenged. Turn your back
on the North Shore-bred outlier of Italian / New Zealand descent for the
barest of moments and he’s already joined a handful of stray South
Islanders and an American actor and voice artist in an instrumental
outfit with a popish European soundtrack edge named Salon Kingsadore.

The next minute he’s dusting down a posse of Auckland-based jazz greats
– keyboardist Murray McNabb, trumpeter Kim Paterson, percussionist
Miguel Fuentes, Brian Smith on horns and flute and bassist Andy Atwill –
and galvanising them to new experimental heights, prodding a lost Queen
City post-punk legend onto record for the first time in decades in the

Andrew Schmidt
April, 2020