rainbow music

The title rainbow music refers to the myriad of colours and qualities within Hall that are refracted throughout his new album as ghost orchard. It’s a symbolisation of hope and the aftermath, the flickering light at the end of the tunnel (or “when a rainbow shows up after a big storm”). “Wish I could have fun anymore,” the artist ruminates on 'dancing', as well as confessing he “wished he made more upbeat bangers.” But reality packs more of a punch, and this collection of songs sees him finally be at peace with the current state of affairs. Relatable to anyone who has contemplated what it means to settle down, or even just catch your breath in an era where anguish is commonplace, the release of rainbow music is a happy ending in its own right, a marker of survival that remains close to the bone.


  1. rest
  2. jessamine
  3. cursive
  4. maisy
  5. cut
  6. soot
  7. memory storage
  8. dancing
  9. bruise
  10. sweet song
  11. comfort (rainbow)